How much will you save in 2019?

See how the November 2017 school bond and new state legislation (the "levy swap") will impact your property taxes.

3500 W Court St
District 101 • US Postal Service
2017 Bond
Bond Approved
Bond Rejected
Year Value Taxes Change
2017 $0 $0
2018 $0 $0 $0
2019 $0 $0 $0

* Future values are unofficial projections.
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Why do my taxes go down so much in 2019?

Earlier this year, the Washington State Legislature passed EHB 2242 (the "levy swap"), which goes into effect in 2019. Currently, areas in the state with higher property values (e.g. Seattle) have lower levy rates, while areas with lower property values (e.g. Pasco) have higher levy rates. The purpose of the levy swap is to equalize the levy rates across the state. For Franklin County, this results in significantly lower levy rates starting in 2019.

Why do my taxes go up in 2018?

Tax rates in Franklin County (including school bond and levy rates) have been gradually decreasing over the past several years as property values rise. Although tax rates will continue to decrease in 2018, property values have risen so dramatically that some homeowners will experience an increase in taxes owed in 2018.

How are these projections calculated?